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When a machine bore becomes damaged due to wear, misuse, cyclic loading or any other factors that cause machinery to wear out, they often can be economically repaired on-site by automatic bore welding & portable line boring. When repaired the machine will be brought back to OEM tolerances, in most cases better than new tolerances, as the machine is bored to the diameter of the new pin or bushing.

By choosing an on-site repair you will be saving yourself money by reducing the downtime of your machine. With Industrial IronWorks coming to you for the repair you won't have the costs associated with tear down for shipment to an off-site facility, loss of time for transport to and from, in addition to the repair time itself.

​Your equipment will work like new again with new pins, bushings, and pivot points that are precision bored for a perfect fit!
At Industrial IronWorks, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 
Often times a piece of equipment is in need of things other than on-site machining. When equipment is used in an abrasive environment there are several things that can and will wear out. Buckets will need new teeth and/or adapters, the frog, sides and bottoms will wear thin and heavy use can cause stress fractures. Dozer push arms, cheek plates and blades will wear thin and start to cause structural damage, as well as, stress fractures. Truck beds become thin from usage, whether they be made from steel or aluminum. All of these will happen from normal daily use without proper wear plating and protection, especially if these pieces of equipment are used in a very abrasive environment.

That's where we come in. We have the capabilities to  repair stress fractures, rebuild/replace adapters and teeth, custom fit new sides, frogs and liners for buckets and blades, as well as, truck beds. Once we get the new plating completely installed, we also apply hard surfacing for additional wear protection.
When our customers are faced with the need to have something completely custom built and they're not sure how to go about it, Industrial IronWorks comes to the rescue.

We have spent a considerable amount of time on rock crushing sites fabricating custom chutes on conveyors for the jaw, cones and shakers to drop material into. One of the most fun (and challenging) is the "pant leg", pictured on the right, that needed to be able to not only seperate the material but have an adjustable flow as well. We have also built (what seems like miles of) MSHA compliant guarding on those crusher sites as well.

​Custom trailers, snow plows, snow guarding and truck beds are also some of the projects we welcome to the table.

Every situation has different challenges and needs which we welcome because we love the challenge! The customer only needs to ask and we will happily design and build a solution for them.
When a customer has a broken or damaged keyway, we have a portable key mill with the ability to cut full-depth keyways or mill flats quickly, without requiring extensive dismantling or costly set-up time.

This unit can be used to cut keyways on tapered shafts, pump shafts and motors. It can also be used to repair pumps & motors along with chippers & conveyors just to name a few. 

We added this portable key mill service as another way to save our customers money by reducing the costs associated with extended downtime by reducing the need to send a shaft or motor for off-site machining.
On-site Milling