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Industrial IronWorks
Aaron Morgan, Owner/Operator
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Industrial IronWorks Gallery -- Welding
Here's some of our custom welding work:
We have done extensive work on Rock Crusher sites. We've made custom bird cages, chutes, magnet frames, guarding and a specialized "pant leg" chute to control flow to two different conveyors.
Re-lining of a Komatsu front-end loader bucket.
Re-build, new adapter and tooth & wear plate a Komatsu PC600 Excavator bucket.
This is a Komatsu front end loader bucket that we air arced the old worn liner out of, repaired some cracking in the bottom and welded in a new liner.
Here is a Komatsu PC600 bucket that was really let go. We had to cut out the worn sides and bottom corner to install a new adapter, tooth and extend the sides.
This Cat D9 Dozer had severe wear on the blade so we air arced out the deep cracks and the old worn liner. We repaired the deep cracks and installed a new 3 piece liner to bring the dozer back to ready for use status. After about 6 months of use in a very abrasive environment the new liner was starting to wear lower on the blade and the cheeks & push arms were wearing pretty severly. So, it was time to do some more work on it! We air arced off the remains of the old wear plating on the cheeks and push arms, made templates of the area's that we wanted to plate and cut them out with our Koike hand torch and our Miller plasma cutter. By cutting the new plates in this manner, we have nice clean edges to weld to the machine. We also made additional wear plating to go across the front of the blade on the lower sections to take care of the new wear patterns. Then we welded them out and did some protective hard surfacing for additional wear protection.

When it comes to re-lining truck beds or equipment buckets, we are the ones to call! 

This a re-line we performed on a Bell articulating rock truck bed. 
This is a custom snow plow built to fit the existing frame and mounts on the customer's plow truck.
This is an underground rock truck used for hauling ore in an underground mine. The bumpers needed to be replaced due to the trucks rubbing along the abrasive rock walls. So, we replaced them with 2 inch thick plate.